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Quadruped Crawling 

This is slowly turning into a favorite warm-up exercise. 

When doing this:

1) don’t hunch over and immediately brace your abs. That’s not what I want. I want you to open your mouth and get all the air out and let the abs you “feel” come with the exhale. 

2) exhale through your mouth, hold your air out for 3-5 seconds, and slightly keep your abs engaged, take a breath in through your nose. 

3) Reach long with your arms.

4) I don’t want to get deep into this on this blog, but we tend to bias our right side. Make sure you’re not side bending to the right (crunching your right abs) during the exercise…more on this soon 😉  

5) Do as I say, not as I do….with a competitive gymnastics background, I’m always hyperextending without even noticing it. I thought I was doing a good job at not doing it with my elbows, until I saw the video.) 

Check it out -> Quadruped Crawling

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