Lucy Hendricks LMT, FMS, RBC

Enhancing someone's quality of life and connecting people to good information, that's all I'm trying to do.

Interview with Jason Seib

We’re so excited to share this with you all 🙂 You don’t want to miss out on this interview! 20 minutes packed with amazing information from our good friend, Jason … Continue reading

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Interview with Evan Brand

I grew up with a mother who taught me to always ask myself “WHY”. Why did my stomach hurt? Why did I have acne? Why did I have a hard … Continue reading

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Mark Rogers Enhancing Your Sleep!

Big shout out to Mark Rogers of Simply Human Lifestyle for sharing his knowledge with us! Learn how you can enhance your quality of sleep by adopting these four basic … Continue reading

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Quadruped Crawling 

This is slowly turning into a favorite warm-up exercise.  When doing this: 1) don’t hunch over and immediately brace your abs. That’s not what I want. I want you to … Continue reading

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Reaching Squat

One of my favorite exercises to introduce to a new client. It brings  a lot of benefits to the table: Gets some serratus anterior activation going on, which helps bring … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Our Clients <3

Let’s talk about breathing. As a member of our gym, I’m sure you’re aware that breathing is a pretty hot topic around the fitness industry and one that we believe is … Continue reading

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A Great Bundle of Information

Jason Seib, a good friend of mine, wrote a pretty awesome book called AltShift. A lot of people have had tremendous success following his protocol. Thanks to social media, he … Continue reading

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Breathing & Bracing

One of my favorite exercises when it comes to teaching people how to brace and breathe under a good position. My tip tuesday from a few weeks ago for Darkside … Continue reading

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‘Vagus, Baby, Vagus!’

Originally posted on cranial intelligence blog:
Research into the fabulous vagus nerve is a gift that keeps on giving. Activating the vagus supports people to be less depressed, enhances the…

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Nasal Breathe. You Deserve It.

Lucky for me, I’m still young. I don’t own a home; have kids to worry about, or a husband to keep up with. It’s just me and my kiteekats ( … Continue reading

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